121°C Operating Temperature


WEICO's SNE series is a very flexible, self-extinguishing, modified polychloroprene tubing combining a high degree of mechanical toughness and oil-resistance with 121°C continuous operating temperature. SNE is recommended for applications requiring a tough, highly flexible covering. They are thick-walled, and provide a superior cut-through and abrasion resistance. The tubing are unaffected by common fluids and solvents. They are particularly useful for the fabrication and repair of flexible harnesses and wire bundles and for the covering of hydraulic couplings. The superior mechanical properties of Neoprene tubings make them ideal choices for the jacketing of cable harnesses and custom-made cables that must operate in severe environmental conditions. They can be readily marked by hot-stamped and print-wheel methods.


SNE Neoprene tubing has a 2:1 shrink ratio. When freely recovered, the tubing will shrink to 50% of its supplied diameter. SNE tubing meets MIL-I-23053/1, Class 1,2 and AMS-3623. SNE tubing is rated for continuous operation from -70°C to +121°C.


  • MIL-I-23053/1 Class 1,2
  • AMS-3623
  • MIL-R-46846,Type 1, Class 1


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  • 0 - Black

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SNE, M23053/1, CLASS 1 & 2, AMS-3623, MIL-R-46846 TYPE 1, 121C, 2:1 SHRINK RATIO, NEOPRENE HEAT SHRINK

Grouped product items
Weico No. MILITARY NO. - M23053/1 CLASS 1MILITARY NO. - M23053/1 CLASS 2Expanded ID. Min (Inches)Recovered ID. Max. (Inches)Recovered NOM. Wall Thick. (IN)
SNE-1/8 --.125.072.030
SNE-3/16 --.187.106.035
SNE-1/4 -101-0-201-
SNE-3/8 -102-0-202-0.375 .187 .040
SNE-1/2 -103-0-203-0.500.250.048
SNE-5/8 -104-0-204-0.625.312.052
SNE-3/4 -105-0205-0.750.375.057
SNE-7/8 -106-0-206-0 .875.437.065
SNE-1 -107-0-207-01.00.500.070
SNE-1 1/4 -108-0-208-01.25.612.087
SNE-1 1/2 -109-0-209-01.50 .750.095
SNE-1 3/4 -110-0-210-01.75 .875.107
SNE-2 -111-0-211-02.00 1.000.110
SNE-3 -112-0-212-03.001.500.125
More Information
Min Temperature -70°C
Max Temperature 121°C