Finely stranded bare copper conductors, specially blended PVC/Nylon insulation;
Black Numbered + Green/Yellow Ground Conductors, specially formulated oil
resistant black PVC Jacket.


Temperature Rating: -25C to + 90C
(UL)TC-ER 90C, 600V
(UL) MTW 600V
C(UL) approved for CIC/TC Sunlight resistance FT1 FT4 applications
UL approved for Direct Burial, Sunlight and OIL I Resistant applications
Suitable for use in Class I Division II hazardous locations and installations under 
NEC (NFPA 70) article 336 and article 670 guidelines

COLOR CODE: Black Numbered Plus Green/Yellow

Standard Put-Ups: 100FT., 1000FT


Grouped product items
Weico No. AWG SizeNo. Of Cond (Incl. Ground)Conductor StrandingNominal Outer Diameter (Inches)Weight (lbs/mft)Specs
TF1803 18319/300.29756PDF
TF1804 18419/300.32067PDF
TF1805 18519/300.34680PDF
TF1807 18719/300.37398PDF
TF1809 18919/300.429117PDF
TF1812 181219/300.477158PDF
TF1818 181819/300.587245PDF
TF1825 182519/300.664315PDF
TF1850 185019/300.939646PDF
TF1603 16326/300.32569PDF
TF1604 16426/300.35185PDF
TF1605 16526/300.38197PDF
TF1607 16726/300.412125PDF
TF1608 16826/300.444137PDF
TF1609 16926/300.476160PDF
TF1612 161226/300.565197PDF
TF1616 161626/300.621271PDF
TF1618 161826/300.652312PDF
TF1625 162526/300.741417PDF
TF1634 163426/300.904601PDF
TF1641 164126/300.986626PDF
TF1650 165026/301.048760PDF
TF1661 166126/301.085771PDF
TF1403 14341/300.36291PDF
TF1404 14541/300.392110PDF
TF1405 14541/300.427131PDF
TF1407 14741/300.463178PDF
TF1409 14941/300.571236PDF
TF1412 141241/300.636309PDF
TF1418 141841/300.737444PDF
TF1425 142541/300.826568PDF
TF1203 12365/300.423126PDF
TF1204 12465/300.460164PDF
TF1205 12565/300.503192PDF
TF1207 12765/300.581258PDF
TF1003 103105/300.498218PDF
TF1004 104105/300.578252PDF
TF1005 105105/300.631317PDF
TF1007 107105/300.686445PDF
TF0804 84168/300.727393PDF
TF0805 85168/300.772518PDF
TF0603 63266/300.776454PDF
TF0604 64266/300.899628PDF
TF0605 65266/300.982952PDF
TF0403 43413/300.999919PDF
TF0404 44413/301.094952PDF
TF0203 23665/301.1552577PDF
TF0204 24665/301.2721320PDF
More Information
Min Temperature -25°C
Max Temperature 90°C