175°C Operating Temperature


WEICO's Kynar is an irradiated, thin-wall, heat-shrinkable tubing offering a high degree of mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. When heated in excess of 175°C, it will shrink to fifty percent of its supplied diameter. Fabricated from polyvinylidene fluoride, the tubing has outstanding abrasion resistant and cut-through properties in combination with high dielectric strength. Kynar tubings are recommended for shrink-fit protection and strain relief of wires, solder joints, terminals and connections. Suggested applications include automotive wiring, jackets, fuse coverings and military wire markers. Because the tubing is transparent, it affords see-through inspection and identification when used as jacketing for components such as resistors and capacitors. It is semi-rigid and highly resistant to most industrial fuels, chemical and solvents. Kynar tubings are readily marked by hot-stamp and print-wheel equipment.


SKY Kynar tubing has a 2:1 shrink ratio. When freely recovered, the tubing will shrink to 50% of its supplied diameter. SKY tubing meets MIL-I-23053/8, MIL-I-23053/18, Class 1 and AMS-3632. SKY tubing is rated for continuous operation from -55°C to+175°C.


  • UL recognized
  • Passes UL VW-1 flame test
  • MIL-I-23053/8
  • MIL-I-23053/18 Class 1
  • AMS-3634


  • 4 foot lengths
  • Cut to customer specifications


  • Clear

Customization Services:

  • Cut To Length

    Cut To Length

SKY, M23053/8 & M23053/18, CLASS 1, 175C, 2:1 SHRINK RATIO, KYNAR HEAT SHRINK

Grouped product items
Weico No. MILITARY NO. M23053/8MILITARY NO. M23053/18Expanded ID. Min (Inches)Recovered ID. Max. (Inches)Recovered NOM. Wall Thick. (IN)
SKY-3/64 -001-C-101-C.046.023.010
SKY-1/16 -002-C-102-C.063.031.010
SKY-3/32 -003-C-103-C.093.046.010
SKY-1/8 -004-C-104-C.125.062.010
SKY-3/16 -005-C-105-C.187.093.010
SKY-1/4 -006-C-106-C.250.125.012
SKY-3/8 -007-C-107-C.375.187.012
SKY-1/2 -008-C-108-C.500.250.012
SKY-3/4 -009-C-109-C.750.375.017
SKY-1 -010-C-110-C1.00.500.019
SKY-1 1/2 -011-C-111-C1.50.750.020
More Information
Min Temperature -55°C
Max Temperature 175°C
Voltage -


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