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648°C Operating Temperature

WEICO's HTG is a braided fiberglass sleeving which has been heat treated
to remove all organic matter and render it fray resistant. It provides maximum
abrasion resistance with high flexibility. HTG sleeving is universally used as
primary insulation in low voltage applications, particularly where high temperatures
are encountered. It is also widely used as supplementary insulation and protection
for other types of primary insulation. HTG is used wherever severe repeated flexing
or temperature extremes prohibit the use of other materials. Typical applications include:
insulation of carbon brush leads in electric motors; transformers and ballasts for halogen
lighting fixtures; outer coverings for hydraulic lines; thermal or electrical insulation for
onsumer, commercial or industrial appliances; double insulation for high reliability circuitry.
This same sleeving can also be supplied with a light impregnant which further minimizes
fraying and helps maintain a round cross section where this is desirable. The impregnated
type is also available in colors. Both types are easily expanded for ease of installation.

HTG sleeving has an operating temperature of -60°C to +648°C.
Saturated (impregnated) maintains its integrity through the same temperature range,
but colors may begin to fade at +205°C


  • UL Recognized
  • Passes UL VW-1 flame test
  • Thermal class 240
  • Manufactured from fiberglass yarn conforming to military specification MIL-Y-1140
  • Typical Properties



  • Spools
  • Cut to customer specifications


  • Natural
  • Consult Factory for other colors

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HTG Series
Flammability: Self-extinguishing, passes Ul VW-1 flame test
Specific Gravity: 2.55
Elongation: 4%
Thermal Characteristics: HTG's one hundred percent fiberglass construction allows it to withstand temperatures to the melting point of glass, 1200°F. This tubing maintains its integrity up to this temperature, but colors may begin to fade at 400°F

Dielectric Strength: Provides space factor insulation of approximately 1000V for Standard Wall.
Volume Resistivity: 10 ohm-cm min.

Corrosion Resistance: Non-Corrosive
Fluid Resistance: Impervious to Chemicals
Water Absorbtion: None
Fungus Resistance: Non-nutrient
Item Name SIZE NOM. ID Compare
HTG-24 24 .022
HTG-22 22 .027
HTG-20 20 .034
HTG-19 19 .038
HTG-18 18 .042
HTG-17 17 .047
HTG-16 16 .053
HTG-15 15 .059
HTG-14 14 .066
HTG-13 13 .076
HTG-12 12 .085
HTG-11 11 .095
HTG-10 10 .106
HTG-9 9 .118
HTG-8 8 .133
HTG-7 7 .148
HTG-6 6 .166
HTG-5 5 .186
HTG-4 4 .208
HTG-3 3 .234
HTG-2 2 .263
HTG-1 1 .294
HTG-0 0 .330
HTG-3/8 3/8" .387
HTG-7/16 7/16" .450
HTG-1/2 1/2" .512
HTG-5/8 5/8" .640
HTG-3/4 3/4" .768
HTG-7/8 7/8" .893
HTG-1 IN 1" 1.01